Xtech TMT

XTECH TMT steel and rebar is the leading TMT bar supplier in North East India with its wide range of dealer networks across the region. It is the flagship brand of KD Iron & Steel Co. one of the top TMT bar manufacturers in North East India based at IIDC, Moranjona industrial area in Rangia, Assam. The company has high tech plants with an annual production capacity of over 1.5 lakh tons produce high-quality TMT bar ranging from 6mm to 32mm dimension in Fe-500/500D grades. With the mission to deliver outstanding quality, value, service, and reliability, the company is focused on continuous development and improvement through innovation, investment and in new technology, and building capabilities of its employees and partners. With the utmost quality and trust, XTECH TMT steel and rebar’s are ISO 9901, ISO 14001, ISO18001, & ISO50001 certified and are produced by fully automatic, computerized machines with advanced German technology and design.

The company’s manufacturing plants are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards to produce ISI-marked TMT bars which make its products safe and reliable. XTECH TMT uses sponge iron from TATA sponge, pig iron from SAIL & ELECTRO STEEL. It gives high strength and ductility due to fine grain multiphase composite structure as turbo quench technology is used. It also provides superior earthquake resistant qualities due to its high capability of absorbing energy. The company is committed to producing superior quality TMT bars at reasonable prices. In the words of Mr.DILIP GOENKA, Chairman, ­­­ KD Iron & Steel Co. Our customers should feel safe in their residence with the superior quality of our products. XTECH TMT has been a major contributor to the building and infrastructure development in North East India since 2011. It’s been a highly preferred brand for not only residential homes and builder projects but also for the bulk requirements of several engineering and industrial projects.